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Our Business

Mabo Brand Concept Limited: A Business Development Organisation with focus on Business Training and Consultancy, Digital Marketing and Sale Promotion, Web and Mobile Application Development.

Our mission is to build global indigenous entrepreneurs and promote indigenous products and services

We strategically create and add value to your business, by developing up-to-date Marketing Strategies and technology application that gives you competitive advantage and help you take your business to the next level.

Historical Background

The business is a vision born out of passion in the year 2011 to promote indigenous enterprises more especially small and medium scale enterprise to become a global brand, also to help individual, enterprise and manufacturers deliver their promise, create and add value to their business in order to deliver promptly, satisfy customer's need and be fulfilled in life. The Company is duly registered and starts full operation in 2014. In our short time of operation we have been able to partner with several companies and work with few individual entrepreneurs. Today the result is awesome.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

To be an establishment that best promote, create and add value to indigenous businesses and products, help in delivery of their business promises in order to become a global brand.

Mission Statement

To work with YOU in order to find the best type of business development, marketing programmes and strategies that will enable you deliver brand promises and enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Our Goals

To be an establishment with the best Online and offline products and services that promote indigenous enterprise and firm in fulfiling their career, business and life objectives, by achieving the following;

  • Customer oriented organization
  • Well strategized sales team
  • Result oriented staff
  • Customer satisfaction, retention & loyalty
  • Be an household name
  • A well established online presence
  • Maximum success and profitability

Business Philosophy

We believed life is lived in order to fulfill dreams and purpose, so business is one of those means to fulfill your dream and purpose in life, and your purpose should make life a better place to live.

Our business philosophy is that our business is built on helping you to achieve your own business dream and purpose in life in order to make life a better place to live.


To have the best Online and Offline strategies and programmes that will make us to achieve our goals.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Servant Leadership
  • Excellence is our minimum standard

Why Us?

• Affordable Services price.
• Efficient Results.
• Timely Delivery.

Our Customers

President Paint
VitaGreen Nigeria Ltd.
Istart Moneytree
Defoghe Systems
GreatLite Integrated Concepts