Mabo Brand Concept Limited
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We give proven business strategy tailored just for your business.

Business/Marketing Development Strategy & Implementation

We deliver a wide range of consultancy services in the area of marketing mix development strategy to individual, small and medium scale enterprise with specific focus on:

  • Marketing Innovation & Planning

    We help you look into your business idea and plan to come-up with a well thought-out, professionally designed marketing plan. This will help you understand your market and targeted audience with specific tools to drive your business.

  • Marketing Strategy & Formulation

    We help you to design a workable and professional complete marketing mix strategies and process that will help you reach more customer, create more awareness and achieve your business goal.

Business Development and Marketing
  • Research & Feedback

    We carry out strategic Online and offline marketing research in all segment of the marketing mix to define your main area of strength, competitive edge and focus per time, give you accurate feedback for decision making. We use market environment befitting strategy.

  • Test Marketing

    As one of our objective is to see your product highly accepted in the market place, we help you carry out the final step before commercialization of your product so as to test the overall workability of all the variables in the marketing plan.