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Brand/Product's Sales & Promotional Activities

Mabo Brand also deliver effectively in traditional sales and promotional solution to drive and achieve our client's marketing and sales objectives with focus on

  • Direct Sales

    We carry out offline direct sales and personal selling by outsourcing your product to us and we strategically help you get it to the hands of final consumers.

  • Market/Product Activation

    We professionally carryout above the line and below the line marketing activities to activate the market or create awareness of a new product in a new market, existing market or both.

  • Advert Campaign and Jingles

    We carry out a professional and powerful advertising and jingle both in audio and visualizing campaign to help your product gain it competitive advantage.

  • Sales Promotion

    We come up and carry out different marketing strategy to win new customer, increase brand-switch, retain old customer and win their loyalty for referring purpose and gain high market share.